"Implementation of RB-PRM planner using hpp."
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Humanoid Path Planner - RBPRM module

Copyright 2015 LAAS-CNRS

Author: Steve Tonneau

##Description HPP - RBPRM is a library written for the software Humanoid Path Planner (link). It implements the acyclic contact planner presented in two papers (link):

"An efficient acyclic contact planner for multiped robots" (submitted to IJRR).

"A Reachability-based planner for sequences of acyclic contacts in cluttered environments" (presented at ISRR 15).

We recommend reading the IJRR submission before going using RB-PRM.

The planner has applications in both robotics and computer graphics applications (click on the pictures to watch videos):


##Installation on ubuntu-14.04 64 bit with ros-indigo

To install HPP-RBPRM:

  1. install HPP - see https://github.com/humanoid-path-planner/hpp-doc - IMPORTANT: you should use the devel installation of the project for the software to work correctly

  2. install hpp-affordance, and hpp-affordance corba, comprising terrain analysis tools - see https://github.com/humanoid-path-planner/hpp-affordance

  3. install robust-equilibrium-lib, a library for quickly asserting static equilibrium - see https://github.com/andreadelprete/robust-equilibrium-lib

  4. Use CMake to install the library. For instance:

       	mkdir $HPP_RBPRM_DIR/build
       	cd $HPP_RBPRM_DIR/build
       	cd cmake ..
       	make install
  5. Optionally, install the python bindings for python, and example scripts (HPP-RBPRM-CORBA) - see https://github.com/stonneau/hpp-rbprm-corba


Open $DEVEL_DIR/install/share/doc/hpp-rbprm/doxygen-html/index.html in a web brower and you will have access to the code documentation.