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GladTeX is a utility and library to display formulas on the Web and in HTML-based formats such as EPUB. Formulas are embedded within <eq>…</eq> tags and converted automatically to a scalable SVG image using LaTeX. The images integrate seamlessly into the output documents, work with any browser and are accessible for visually impaired and blind users as well.


  • LaTeX-quality formulas with partial unicode maths support
  • Pandoc support to convert from any format with LaTeX-formulas (MarkDown, …) to any HTML-based format, e.g. EPUB
  • Cache formulas to speed up subsequent document conversion
  • Python library GleeTeX to embed into other applications or to tailor to a specific workflow
  • cross-platform, written in Python, comes with Windows executables.


  • (C) 1999-2010 Martin G. Gulbrandsen
  • (C) 2011-2013 Jonathan Daugherty (especially release 1.3)
  • (C) 2013-2018 Sebastian Humenda

This program is distributed under the LGPL-3, or at your option, any later version of the license; for details see the accompanying file COPYING.

The official project homepage is at http://humenda.github.io/GladTeX



On all derivatives of Debian (as Ubuntu/Mint, etc.), installing GladTeX is as easy as

# apt-get install gladtex


If you want to use the program without the Python library, you should download a pre-compiled binary from https://github.com/humenda/GladTeX/releases.

Just unzip the archive and move the files to a directory within %PATH%.

From Source

The following is required for installing GladTeX:

  • Python >= 3.4
  • LaTeX (2e), dvisvgm (optionally png)
  • the LaTeX package preview.sty

Debian / Ubuntu

On Debian/Ubuntu systems the following commands will satisfy the dependencies:

# apt-get install python3-all texlive-fonts-recommended texlive-latex-recommended preview-latex-style dvipng

The package can then be installed using

# python3 setup.py install

Note: If your system ships python as the command for Python3 you have to use python in the above command instead.


You need to install a LaTeX distribution on your Mac. GladTeX was successfully run with MacTex.

You can download a zip source archive from GitHub or use git:

$ git clone https://github.com/humenda/GladTeX.git

Use cd to change to the GladTeX source directory and issue

$ python setup.py install


Please use man gladtex for further instructions or have a look at the file manpage.md.