DreamWorks Animation - Challenge 2016
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DreamWorks Animation - Challenge

DreamWorks Animation Effects Challenge on HackerEarth (Checkout Problem Statment)

Description of Challenge

You will need to use your coding ability to create ‘sparks’. You are provided with some models / assets, a reference scene and a rough sketch for visual direction. You can start with the reference scene and its coding language or create your own from scratch in your language of choice. You are not allowed to use any physics/collision engines such as Bullet, unity, unreal etc. You essentially have to write code for the mathematics (external vector/math library allowed) and physics (external library not allowed as mentioned above) of the motion of the sparks.

###Various Levels of Complexities:

  • L0: Basic natural motion of sparks (trajectory of projectile motion concept is used)
  • L1: Collision with ground plane (sparks bounce off the ground after collision)
  • L2: Sparks should split randomly post collision to give variation (few random sparks split in two after collision)
  • L3: Collision with a minimum of one of the given primitive shapes (sphere collision using sphere equation substitution method)
  • L4: Collision with the ‘Stanford Bunny’ (imaginary cubes and cuboids are considered for the approximation of Stanford Bunny)

Want to check it out

Method 1

Click here to open

Method 2 (to Tinker around)

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Start coding
  3. For help, refer three.js. Documentation available in their site