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FEniCS implementation: a phase field model for cohesive fracture in micropolar continua
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# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Hyoung Suk Suh (
# Dept. of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Columbia Univ. 
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Installation 
Visit FEniCS Project webpage (, and follow the instructions.
Installing FEniCS via Anaconda in a virtual environment is highly recommended.

2. Mesh generation
Input mesh file can be generated by using Gmsh (.msh).
Convert .msh file into .xml file by using 'dolfin-convert' command in the Terminal.

3. Running the python code 
Generate a folder at the same level as the python script, and place your mesh file (.xml) there.
Notice that the generated folder and the converted mesh file should have the same filename.
Type 'python' or 'python' in the Terminal to run the script. 

4. Post-processing
The script saves the results in ParaView files (.pvd).
In order to install ParaView, visit the webpage (, and follow the instructions.
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