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Use Clean Cloud Architecture to Scale on your Terms

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👋 Hey 👋

Welcome to the hyper Service Framework project ⚡️!

Hyper is a multi-cloud, multi-language, service framework that enables best-of-breed cloud service utilization, from any cloud provider. By providing a simple and extensible context-bound API for the Cloud, the hyper Service Framework decouples application services from the infrastructure that powers them, positioning application software for growth and long term stability.

As a result, the hyper Service Framework helps software organizations build "optimally-scaled" software and software teams.

Hyper organizations tame technical debt, by using Clean Cloud Architecture to sensibly scale their software and software teams, only when the complexity is needed, and not all up-front.


  • Development
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • v1.0

Running Locally

You can run a hyper server locally, with 5 locally running hyper services, using hyper-nano, a precompiled executable binary of the hyper service framework.

curl -o hyper-nano
chmod +x hyper-nano

Alternatively, if you're using node, you can run npx hyper-nano

This command will run a hyper server on PORT 6363 and store data for each hyper service in a directory named __hyper__ placed in the cwd [Ctrl/Cmd] - C will stop the service.

This nano version of hyper implements the following ports and adapters:

Learn more about hyper-nano and read our blog post


For more information about hyper63 go to our documentation site. if you are unable to find the information you are looking for, post a question in our slack


See Contributing to hyper.

Developer Setup

Fork this repo and use gitpod!


Thank you

  • OpenSource Community
  • CharlestonJS Community
  • JRS Coding School Team
  • And everyone else that has helped this project become successful!