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Scaling, distributed systems and crypto.

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  1. async-wasm async-wasm Public

    Add asynchronous external JS calls to your WASM that behave as sync WASM functions

    JavaScript 62 3

  2. tinybox tinybox Public

    Tiny, single file, scalable key value store based on HAMTs

    JavaScript 53 1

  3. nanotron nanotron Public

    Small opionated dev program for developing Electron apps using the nano* stack (the modules backing Choo.js)

    JavaScript 48 2

  4. vhs-tape vhs-tape Public

    📼 A tape extension for testing frontend components.

    JavaScript 43 4

  5. hui hui Public

    UI Component

    JavaScript 38 1

  6. fast-on-load fast-on-load Public

    Faster and simplified version of on-load without dom diffing support

    JavaScript 36 4


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