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dist [HQ-4807] Fix org.hibernate.StaleStateException
hq-agent fix for agent in the case cerificate error (SSL issue)
hq-api Change pom to version
hq-bootstrap Change pom to version
hq-common Revert "HHQ6059 : Solution for problem : measurement handler is eatin…
hq-installer Change pom to version
hq-integration-tests Change pom to version
hq-lather Change pom to version
hq-maven Change pom to version
hq-pdk Revert "HHQ6059 : Solution for problem : measurement handler is eatin…
hq-plugin Removed 2 duplicated metrics on Exchange plugin, and removed unused c…
hq-rendit Change pom to version
hq-server [HQ-4807] Fix org.hibernate.StaleStateException
hq-uiplugin Change pom to version
hq-util Metricses should be replaced with Metrics
hq-web Change pom to version
tools HHQ-6010 Change debug logging properties to
.gitignore 4.6.6 merge to 5.x
BUILD.txt Guys 14/4/2013 - removed win32 & x86-linux servers installers from build
README dummy ci to trigger github
hq 4.6.6 merge to 5.x
hq_code_format.xml Changed max line width in code conventions from 120 to 100
pom.xml Change pom to version


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