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jQuery-i18next is a jQuery based Javascript internationalization library on top of i18next. It helps you to easily internationalize your web applications.


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Source can be loaded via npm, bower or downloaded from this repo or from a CDN like CDNJS.

NEWS: localization as a service -

Needing a translation management? Want to edit your translations with an InContext Editor? Use the orginal provided to you by the maintainers of i18next!


With using locize you directly support the future of i18next and react-i18next.


To see jquery-i18next in a working app example, check out this blog post and this example.

If you don't use a module loader it will be added to window.jqueryI18next

# npm package
$ npm install jquery-i18next

# bower
$ bower install jquery-i18next

Simplifies i18next usage in projects built based on jquery, like:

page source:

<ul class="nav">
  <li><a href="#" data-i18n="nav.home"></a></li>
  <li><a href="#" data-i18n="nav.page1"></a></li>
  <li><a href="#" data-i18n="nav.page2"></a></li>

loaded resource file (locales/en/translation.json):

  "nav": {
    "home": "Home",
    "page1": "Page One",
    "page2": "Page Two"

javascript code:


// results in
// <ul class="nav">
//  <li><a href="#" data-i18n="nav.home">Home</a></li>
//  <li><a href="#" data-i18n="nav.page1">Page One</a></li>
//  <li><a href="#" data-i18n="nav.page2">Page Two</a></li>
// </ul>

Initialize the plugin

jqueryI18next.init(i18nextInstance, $, {
  tName: 't', // --> appends $.t = i18next.t
  i18nName: 'i18n', // --> appends $.i18n = i18next
  handleName: 'localize', // --> appends $(selector).localize(opts);
  selectorAttr: 'data-i18n', // selector for translating elements
  targetAttr: 'i18n-target', // data-() attribute to grab target element to translate (if different than itself)
  optionsAttr: 'i18n-options', // data-() attribute that contains options, will load/set if useOptionsAttr = true
  useOptionsAttr: false, // see optionsAttr
  parseDefaultValueFromContent: true // parses default values from content ele.val or ele.text

using options in translation function

<a id="btn1" href="#" data-i18n="myKey"></a>


<a id="btn1" href="#" data-i18n="myKey" data-i18n-options='{ "a": "b" }'></a>
// make sure you set the useOptionsAttr option to true if you want to pass the i18n options via data-i18n-options attribute.

data-i18n-options attribute must be a valid JSON object.

usage of selector function

translate an element

<a id="btn1" href="#" data-i18n="myKey"></a>

myKey: same key as used in i18next (optionally with namespaces) options: same options as supported in i18next.t

translate children of an element

<ul class="nav">
  <li><a href="#" data-i18n="nav.home"></a></li>
  <li><a href="#" data-i18n="nav.page1"></a></li>
  <li><a href="#" data-i18n="nav.page2"></a></li>

translate some inner element

<div class="outer" data-i18n="ns:key" data-i18n-target=".inner">
  <input class="inner" type="text"></input>

set different attribute

<a id="btn1" href="#" data-i18n="[title]key.for.title"></a>

set multiple attributes

<a id="btn1" href="#" data-i18n="[title]key.for.title;myNamespace:key.for.text"></a>

set innerHtml attributes

<a id="btn1" href="#" data-i18n="[html]key.for.title"></a>

prepend content

<a id="btn1" href="#" data-i18n="[prepend]key.for.title">insert before me, please!</a>

append content

<a id="btn1" href="#" data-i18n="[append]key.for.title">append after me, please!</a>

set data

<a id="btn1" href="#" data-i18n="[data-someDataAttribute]key.for.content"></a>

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