Blockchain-Based Fully Distributed Cloud Computing

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  1. iexec-stack

    Aggregates and keeps track of all iExec projects [Statistics only repository]

    Java 14

  2. iexec-sdk

    CLI and JS library allowing developers to easily interact with the iExec stack

    JavaScript 383 13

  3. xtremweb-hep

    Forked from lodygens/xtremweb-hep

    Data driven volunteer cloud

    Java 32 3

  4. PoCo

    iExec Proof of Contribution - [hub + PoCo + marketplace] smart contracts

    JavaScript 8

  5. iexec-dapps-registry

    iExec dapps registry, the FIRST step to be listed on the iExec dapp store

    R 41 53

  6. iexec-pools-registry

    The iExec pools registry, more below on how to list your Worker Pool!

    3 10