Lua Telemetry Flight Status for INAV/Taranis using FrSky SmartPort(S.Port), D-series, and F.Port receivers
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Lua Telemetry Flight Status for INAV/Taranis - v1.4.3

FrSky SmartPort(S.Port), D-series, and F.Port telemetry on Taranis QX7, X-Lite, X9D, X9D+ and X9E transmitters

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Video of Lua Telemetry

Classic view

sample   sample

Pilot (glass cockpit) view for fixed wing pilots

sample   sample

Radar (map) view

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  • Works with all FrSky telemetry receivers (X-series, R9 series and D-series) and all FrSky Taranis transmitters
  • Launch/pilot-based model orientation and location indicators (great for lost orientation/losing sight of your model)
  • Compass-based direction indicator (with compass on multirotor or fixed-wing with GPS)
  • Pilot (glass cockpit) view which includes attitude indicator as well as pilot-familiar layout of additional data
  • Radar (map) view shows model in relationship to home position, can be displayed either as launch/pilot-based or compass-based orientation
  • Bar gauges for Fuel (% battery mAh capacity remaining), Battery voltage, RSSI strength, Transmitter battery, GPS accuracy (HDOP), Variometer (and Altitude for X9D, X9D+ and X9E transmitters)
  • Display and voice alerts for flight modes and flight mode modifiers (altitude hold, heading hold, home reset, etc.)
  • Voice notifications for % battery remaining (based on current), voltage low/critical, high altitude, lost GPS, ready to arm, armed, disarmed, etc.
  • GPS info: Satellites locked, GPS accuracy (HDOP), GPS altitude, GPS coordinates. Also logs the last GPS location (reviewed from the config menu)
  • If VTx control is desired, use Taranis VTx which uses less memory and allows for Lua Telemetry and VTx scripts to run together
  • Display of current/maximum: Altitude, Distance, Speed and Current
  • Display of current/minimum: Battery voltage, RSSI strength
  • Title display of model name, flight timer, transmitter voltage and receiver voltage
  • Menu configuration options can be changed from inside the script and are unique to each model on the transmitter
  • Speed and distance values are displayed in metric or imperial based on transmitter's telemetry settings
  • Voice files, modes and config menu in English, German, French or Spanish (more languages to follow)


  • OpenTX v2.2.0+ running on Taranis QX7, X9D, X9D+, X9E or X-Lite (with release OpenTX v2.2.2+) Suggested: OpenTX 2.2.2 release
  • FkSky X-series, R9 series or D-series telemetry receiver: X4RSB, X8R, XSR, R-XSR, XSR-M, XSR-E, R9, R9 Slim, R9M, D8R-II plus, D8R-XP, D4R-II, etc.
  • INAV v1.7.3+ running on your flight controller (INAV v2.0+ is suggested for full functionality)
  • GPS - If you're looking for a GPS module, I suggest the Beitian BN-880

Suggested Sensors

  • Altimeter/barometer (GPS altitude used if barometer not present)
  • Magnetometer/compass for multi-rotor (fixed-wing craft use GPS for directional info)
  • Current/amperage (for fuel gauge)


  • INAV v2.0+ is required for FkSky D-series telemetry and proper GPS accuracy (HDOP) display
  • If using pilot view and INAV v2.0+, set frsky_pitch_roll = ON in CLI settings for more accurate attitude display
  • INAV v1.9.1+ is required for F.Port compatibility
  • INAV v1.8+ is required for Home reset voice notification
  • OpenTX v2.2.2 (release version) is required for compatibility with Taranis X-Lite transmitter
  • Crossfire is not currently supported due to missing flight modes that are critical to Lua Telemetry
  • FrSky Horus transmitters are not currently supported due to the missing draw flags: ERASE and FORCED


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