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zhouzhiwen2000 commented Jul 30, 2021

Feature request

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I am using the drone indoors and I am using the rangefinder as the EKF altitude source. I don't want the surface tracking feature enabled to mess with the target ALT. However, in order to disable it, I have to assign a switch just for this. Is it possible to add an option for surface tracking in the parameter

Nianan0505 commented Aug 12, 2020

Hi, I want to use FASTER on the ground robot. And I run the "roslaunches" according to the exact procedure.
When I first click the "start" and give the goal by "2D Nave Goal", it runs well and reached the destination.
But for the next goal, it always fails and the car is swaying in the simulation environment.

Do you know the possible causes of this problem? Thanks a lot.
What's more, I'd lik

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