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Newt: A Sample Application for ChiSE

Newt is a sample application for the web based library named ChiSE developed to visualize and edit the pathway models represented by process description (PD) and activity flow (AF) languages of SBGN or in simple interaction format (SIF).


ChiSE and this sample application are distributed under GNU Lesser General Public License.

A deployment of this sample application along with detailed documentation on its usage can be found here. ChiSE and Newt work on every platform that have JavaScript support including mobile devices.

Please cite the following when you use Newt:

H. Balci, M.C. Siper, N. Saleh, I. Safarli, L. Roy, M. Kilicarslan, R. Ozaydin, A. Mazein, C. Auffray, O. Babur, E. Demir and U. Dogrusoz, Newt: a comprehensive web-based tool for viewing,constructing, and analyzing biological maps, Bioinformatics, to appear, 2020.

M. Sari, I. Bahceci, U. Dogrusoz, S.O. Sumer, B.A. Aksoy, O. Babur, E. Demir, "SBGNViz: a tool for visualization and complexity management of SBGN process description maps", PLoS ONE, 10(6), e0128985, 2015.

Running a Local Instance

In order to deploy and run a local instance of the tool, please follow the steps below (we recommend the use of LTS version 12.16.1 of node.js):

  • Installation
git clone
cd newt
npm install 
  • Running the tool (Windows)
npm run debug-build
  • Running the tool (MacOS/Linux)
sudo npm run debug-build

Then, open a web browser and navigate to localhost. Please note that the default port is 80 but you might have to run this application in another port such as 8080 in some platforms by setting 'port' environment variable.


Icons made by Freepik, Daniel Bruce, TutsPlus, Robin Kylander, Catalin Fertu, Yannick, Icon Works, Flaticon and licensed with Creative Commons BY 3.0

Third-party libraries: Cytoscape.js, a-color-picker, Backbone, Bootstrap, FileSaver.js, jQuery, jquery-expander, Konva, Libxmljs, lodash, underscore, express, browserify, nodemon, Parallel Shell, Tippyjs, nodemailer, body-parser, multer licensed with MIT; Mousetrap, Request licensed with Apache-2.0, Intro.js licensed with GNU AGPL, and chroma-js licensed with this.

We refer the user to GeneCards for detailed properties of genes. Similarly, we pull properties of simple chemicals from ChEBI. CellDesigner conversion is performed through this library and its associated service. Finally, SBML conversion is due to this Minerva service.