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WWDC18 Scholarship creative work
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Amazing Dynamic View

Here, you may experience amazing animations.

Here, you may enjoy how code generates the view.

Here, you may appreciate the charm of coding.

Used Frameworks

  • UIKit
  • QuartzCore
  • CoreGraphics
  • Dispatch
  • Foundation

  • important: This is an amazing view totally written by the code and it generates itself. You can even watch the code generates the view and it’s functions at any time, together with interactions. Please enjoy it by playing.

  • note: Please scale Xcode to the proper size before watching. Click Xcode -> Editor -> Show Rendered Markup is you want view the markdown


$ just watch and read the code automatically typed on the left
$ comments on the left side will show you a lot of things
$ include guiding you to interact with the view on the right
$ code on the left generates the view on the right synchronously
$ you may like the app in the upper left corner of the screen
$ remember, the switch is the view's power

Material & Resources

Colors Resource(Rainbow Apple Logo) / Xcode preferences

YouTube Demo



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