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A ready to use minimal Vim (Sublime Text -like) .vimrc configuration
Vim script
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Vim sublime

A ready to use minimal Vim (Sublime Text -like) .vimrc configuration

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Features included and Shortcuts

vim-sublime includes Vundle package manager and some external plugins.

The shortcuts should work in vim (terminal with 256 colors) on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows (I'm joking, I don't know).


  • ctrl + p - Open other files in the folder
  • ctrl + f - Find text in the document
  • ctrl + z - Cancel
  • ctrl + y - Redo
  • F1 - Snippets

Selection - after (esc + v) or (+ v)

  • ctrl + c - Copy
  • ctrl + x - Cut
  • ctrl + v - Paste
  • ctrl + m - Comment / Decomment
  • ctrl + w + <tag> - <tag>Wrap text</tag>
  • ⇥ Tab - Indent text
  • ⇥ Tab + - Indent text

An alternative way to comment is ctrl + v (Visual-block mode) then ⇧I add the commenting characters (es. //) and press esc.

To decomment, ctrl + v, select the part you want to delete at the beginning of the line and press d.


  • ctrl + t - New tab
  • ctrl + k - Close tab
  • ctrl + b - Previous tab
  • ctrl + n - Next tab


Install Vundle

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle

Install vim-sublime .vimrc

curl > $HOME/.vimrc

Then open vim and run


(Don't worry about the 'Monokai' error), quit and enter in vim again to apply the changes

You can also add machine specific config to ~/.local.vim

For best results make sure your $TERM env variable is 256 colours; export TERM=xterm-256color

Note: to have the correct font in the bottom bar you need a Powerline font installed and selected in the terminal.


Luigi Maselli -

If You use Macvim see also subvim, another Sublime Text for VIM project

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