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IBM Message Hub REST API Client Module

IBM Message Hub is a scalable, distributed, high throughput message bus to unite your on-premise and off-premise cloud technologies. You can wire micro-services together using open protocols, connect stream data to analytics to realise powerful insight and feed event data to multiple applications to react in real time.

This Node.js module provides a high-level API by which you can interact with the REST API exposed by the Message Hub service.


From version 2.0.0 onwards, the consume and produce APIs have been removed as the Message Hub Enterprise offering does not support them. Customers should instead use node-rdkafka for Kafka API-level messaging.

Getting Started


You will need a Node.js 0.12.x runtime environment to use this module. This can be installed from, or by using your operating system's package manager.

Installation Instructions

Installing using npm:

npm install message-hub-rest

Run Tests

  • To run against a mock Kafka service, use npm test
  • Important Note: Running tests against a live service (with the '--real' flag) is will incur a fee and as such is not recommended.

Example Usage:

The following example sets up a connection to the Message Hub REST API, creates a topic, consumer and producer, then produces and consumes a few messages before exiting.

var MessageHub = require('message-hub-rest');
var services = process.env.VCAP_SERVICES;
var instance = new MessageHub(services);
var topicName = 'mytopic';

  .then(function(response) {
      console.log('Topic created.');
  .fail(function(error) {
    throw new Error(error);


MessageHub(services, [opts])

Constructs a new Client object, provided with Bluemix VCAP_SERVICES and additional options used to help connect to a particular service.

  • services - (Object) VCAP_SERVICES of your Bluemix Message Hub service.
  • opts - (Object) Optional configuration options used when connecting to the service. Properties include:
    • https, (Boolean) (optional), make HTTPS requests to the service. Defaults to true, should only be set to false when testing against a mock Kafka service.

Instantiate with the new keyword. When instantiated correctly, a new MessageHub/Client object will be returned. Throws an error with an accompanying message if the provided services information is incorrect.


Retrieves a list of all topics connected to the provided API key.

Returns a Promise object which will be fulfilled when the request to the service resolves.

MessageHub.prototype.topics.create(topic, partitions, retentionHours)

Creates a topic of the specified name. Important Note: Creating topics incurs a fee - check the Bluemix documentation for more information.

  • topic - (String) (required), the topic name for the service to create.
  • partitions - (Number) (optional), the number of partitions to use for this topic. Defaults to 1.
  • retentionHours - (Number) (optional), the number of hours to retain messages on this topic. Minimum is 24 hours, if retentionHours is less than this, it will be set to the minimum.

Returns a Promise object which will be fulfilled when the request to the service resolves.


Deletes a topic of the specified name.

  • topic - (String) (required), the topic name to delete from the service.

Returns a Promise object which will be fulfilled when the request to the service resolves.