A CloudFoundry plugin for interacting with OpenStack Object Storage
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A CloudFoundry Plugin for interacting with OpenStack Object Storage

Table of Contents


Static Large Objects (SLOs) and Dynamic Large Objects (DLOs) are incredibly useful aggregate file types available in OpenStack Object Storage. However, manipulating them can be quite difficult. This Cloud Foundry CLI plugin is designed to make using SLOs and DLOs much more accessible.

This plugin makes heavy use of the swiftlygo library. Much more information on SLOs and DLOs can be found by reading that library's README.

Additionally, some basic object and container interactions are included as commands. This allows for working with Object Storage from the command line without having to go through the long authentication process on your own.


Dependenies: This plugin requires the Cloud Foundry CLI version 6.21.0 or later. You can check your version with cf version. Install and update instructions can be found here.

Since this plugin is not currently in an offical Cloud Foundry plugin repo, it will need to be downloaded and installed manually.

Install From Binary (Recommended)

Download the binary for your machine from the releases page and navigate to the downloaded binary from within your terminal. Then run the following cf command from the directory the binary was downloaded to.

Note: If you are reinstalling, run cf uninstall-plugin cf-object-storage first to uninstall the outdated version.

Mac & Linux

cf install-plugin cf-object-storage

If you get a permission error, ensure that the binary has execute permissions.

chmod +x cf-object-storage


cf install-plugin cf-object-storage.exe

Install From Source

Installing this way requires Go. Binaries and install instructions can be found on their official website. To download this package, open your terminal and run

go get github.com/ibmjstart/cf-object-storage

Mac & Linux

Navigate to the project's root directory, which should be $GOPATH/src/github.com/ibmjstart/cf-object-storage with most standard Go setups. The provided reinstall.sh script can then be ran to install the plugin.

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/ibmjstart/cf-object-storage

Note: reinstall.sh first attempts to uninstall the plugin, so you will get a failure message from the uninstall command if the plugin is not already installed. However, as long as the following install succeeds all should work fine.


reinstall.sh is intended for use on Mac and Linux. To install on Windows, first navigate to the project's root directory, which should be %GOPATH%\src\github.com\ibmjstart\cf-object-storage with most standard Go setups. Then build and install as shown.

cd %GOPATH%\src\github.com\ibmjstart\cf-object-storage
go build
cf install-plugin cf-object-storage.exe


This plugin is invoked as follows: cf os SUBCOMMAND [ARGS...]

Sixteen subcommands are included in this plugin, described below. More information can be found by using cf os help followed by any of the subcommands.

Subcommand List

Subcommand Usage Description
auth cf os auth service_name [-url] [-x] Retrieve and store! a service's x-auth info
containers cf os containers service_name Show all containers in an Object Storage instance
container cf os container service_name container_name Show a given container's information
create-container cf os create-container service_name container_name [headers...] [-gr] [-rm-gr] Create a new container in an Object Storage instance
update-container cf os update-container service_name container_name headers... [-gr] [-rm-gr] Update an existing container's metadata
rename-container cf os rename-container service_name container_name new_container_name Rename an existing container!!
delete-container cf os delete-container service_name container_name [-f] Remove a container from an Object Storage instance
objects cf os objects service_name container_name Show all objects in a container
object cf os object service_name container_name object_name Show a given object's information
put-object cf os put-object service_name container_name path_to_source [-n object_name] Upload a file to Object Storage
get-object cf os get-object service_name container_name object_name path_to_download Download an object from Object Storage
rename-object cf os rename-object service_name container_name object_name new_object_name Rename an object
copy-object cf os copy-object service_name container_name object_name new_container_name Copy an object from one container to another
delete-object cf os delete-object service_name container_name object_name [-l] Remove an object from a container
create-dynamic-object cf os create-dynamic-object service_name dlo_container dlo_name [-c object_container] [-p dlo_prefix] Create a DLO manifest in Object Storage
put-large-object cf os put-large-object service_name slo_container slo_name source_file [-m] [-o output_file] [-s chunk_size] [-t num_threads] Upload a file to Object Storage as an SLO

! auth checks if HOME/.cf/os_creds.json exists and contains the target service's x-auth token and storage url. If it does, these credentials are used to authenticate with Object Storage (which saves a few http requests). Upon successful authentication, auth will save a service's x-auth info to the above location to speed up subsequent commands.

!! rename-container should not be used (and will likely fail) on containers containing SLOs and DLOs. This is due to their strict naming conventions that expect certain containers to have certain names.


PRs accepted.

Small note: If editing the README, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


Apache 2.0 © IBM jStart