Newlines converted to BR tags #63

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@barraponto is currently converting newlines in markdown to BR tags, but that's not the behavior that Github uses in

Examples: and


This issue stems from the commit 0252440 which starts rendering stuff as GithubFormattedMarkdown. As the documentation says:

In GFM mode, hard line breaks are always taken into account, and issue and user mentions are linked accordingly.

However, I don't see a reason to use such mode as the default. Neither does the Github API, which defaults to regular markdown. Of course, having a context to reference issues, users and commits would be great, provided there was some metadata to inform the Markdown API. Otherwise, it'd be best to stick to regular Markdown.


Oh and I have to reinforce that regular line breaks in markdown were always ignored, which is great for the 80-chracter-line geeks (like myself). It might make sense for Github textfields, but not for text-editor/code-editor environments.

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