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Meatloaf (C64/C128/VIC20/+4)

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A Commodore IEC Serial Floppy Drive and WiFi Modem multi-device emulator

*** NOTE: ESP32 Firmware can be found in the following repo:


It's easy to wire up too. No need for the level shifter as shown in the circuit above.
(Espressif CEO confirmed 5V tolerance of ESP8255, ESP8285 & ESP32.)
You can also leave off the edge card connector if you you just want to try out the drive emulation functionality. meatloaf64-wiring



  • 1 × ESP8266 Dev Board (Wemos D1 MINI/D1 MINI PRO 16M, NODEMCU, etc)
    I like the 16MB version.
  • 1 x ESP32 Dev Board (LOLIN D32 Pro)
    This one has 16MB Flash, 8MB PSRAM, Micro SD with I2C & TFT Port!
    (Please see the Meatloaf-Specialty repo for using this module)

Virtual Drive - IEC Serial Port (minimal build)

Virtual Modem - User Port (optional)

To setup your own Meatloaf server check out this code. (

I'm now working to bring this functionality to the #FujiNet project too! They had the same idea but for Atari 8bit machines and are much further along than I am. I'm working with them to add CBM support to their device.

Key Features

  • IEC Bus interface for loading data directly from flash memory or via HTTP
  • Can mount Meatloaf's flash file system via WebDAV to modify contents
  • Can be configured to emulate multiple IEC devices (IDs 4-30)
  • Each device's configuration is switched out and persisted on access
  • WiFi modem for connecting to telnet BBSs
  • Minimal part count and easy to assemble
  • Firmware can be updated via HTTP

To Do

  • Standardize all Hayes Commands and add extended commands
  • Complete CBM DOS support
  • Extend CBM DOS with device specific features
  • Support all different CBM file, disk, tape, cart media image files from local flash file system
  • Add support for Fast Loaders & JiffyDOS
  • Port all code to ESP32 IDF
  • Add SD card interface
  • Add Cassette tape interface
  • Add virtual printer/plotter interface
  • Add ZoomFloppy/IECHost capabilities
  • Add .URL/.WEBLOC file support (change URL/DIR when loading them)
  • If image isn't local, write saves to hidden folder ".save" (include hash of URL/PATH/IMAGE in filename)
  • Add web server for configuration and control (http root hidden folder ".www")


Code is based on and inspired by the following