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Sample PHP Serverless HTTP application with Bref
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Sample PHP Serverless HTTP application with Bref

In this sample using AWS Lambda


  • PHP 7.2+
  • AWS account (Must have minimum permission: CloudFormation, CloudWatch, Lambda, S3, API Gateway, and etc.)
  • Node


  1. Get AWS Credential
  2. Install serverless
npm install -g serverless
  1. Config serverless with AWS
serverless config credentials --provider aws --key <key> --secret <secret>
  1. Install bref
composer require bref/bref

Create app

vendor/bin/bref init

will show

What kind of lambda do you want to create? (you will be able to add more functions later by editing `serverless.yml`) [PHP function]:
  [0] PHP function
  [1] HTTP application
  [2] Console application

and type 1

Config app in serverless.yml

function : your function name (in my sample is "reactphp-bref-function")

region : set to your AWS region such as ap-southeast-1

layers : runtime of your app

PHP functions: php-74 and php-73 The simplest way to write a lambda is to write one in the form of a PHP function.

This runtime works great for non-HTTP applications.

HTTP applications: php-74-fpm and php-73-fpm This runtime uses PHP-FPM to run HTTP applications on AWS Lambda.

This runtime is the easiest to start with: it works like traditional PHP hosting and is compatible with Symfony and Laravel.

(

Deployment (Dev)

serverless deploy


Check link to access after deploy (link is generated from API Gateway)

Invocation (On my localhost)

php -S localhost:8000 index.php

Deployment (Production)

If everything working, you can duplicated folder or convert dev function to production by remove dev dependencies, dev config

composer install --prefer-dist --optimize-autoloader --no-dev

and then deploy again

serverless deploy


If you want to delete function

serverless remove
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