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Embeddable Hacker News button + vote counter for your site
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Embeddable Hacker News vote / counter button

HN Button

Async, embeddable submit + vote counter button for Hacker News.

  • If the story has not been posted to HN, "Submit" button is shown, otherwise latest point count is displayed.
  • Auto-detects Google Analytics and registers clicks events (see reports under Traffic Sources > Social > Social Plugins).

Embedding the button

Step 1, place the HN link where you want the button appear on the page:

<!-- Auto-detect URL of current page and title if necessary -->
<a href="" class="hn-share-button">Vote on HN</a>

<!-- Override the URL and Title for the button -->
<a href="" class="hn-share-button" data-title="Some Title" data-url="">Vote on HN</a>

Step 2, include the (async) javascript file:

<script src="//" async defer></script>

Note: you can safely embed multiple buttons on the same page.


  • Kudos to @sbashyal and @stbullard for the button styling (
  • Kudos to Algolia for an awesome HN API
  • (MIT License) - Copyright (c) 2012 Ilya Grigorik
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