A short proof of concept project based on Java, EmberJS, MongoDB and Docker
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Short example of working with Docker while developing Java application

Project structure:

src - main- java - resources - webapp - test- java - resources

This application was created through the following steps:

  1. npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower

  2. npm install -g generator-ember

  3. gem install compass

  4. cd src/main/webapp

  5. yo ember ` - [?] Would you like to include Bootstrap for Sass? (Y/n) Y

  6. npm install grunt-connect-proxy --save-dev

  7. npm install matchdep --save-dev

  8. require('matchdep').filterDev('grunt-*').forEach(grunt.loadNpmTasks);

  9. Add grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-connect-proxy'); to Gruntfile

  10. proxies: [ { context: 'api', host: 'localhost', port: 8080, https: false, changeOrigin: true, xforward: false } ]

  11. middleware: function (connect, options) { var proxy = require('grunt-connect-proxy/lib/utils').proxyRequest; return [ // Include the proxy first proxy, // Serve static files. connect.static(options.base), // Make empty directories browsable. connect.directory(options.base) ]; }

  12. 'configureProxies'

In order to run this application you have to perform:

  1. cd src/main/webapp

  2. npm install

  3. bower install

In order to enable debugging for jetty servlet use: -Dorg.eclipse.jetty.servlet.LEVEL=ALL

In order to import data execute: mongoimport -v -d library -c books --jsonArray --file PATH_TO_PROJECT/src/test/resources/books_array.json

docker build -t="ihristov/library" .

docker run -p 8080:8080 -i -t ihristov/library

Don't forget to expose the port via the VirtualBox as well

To login docker container put /bin/bash as a final command in the entrypoint.sh script


In case of : '... Error response from daemon: client and server don't have same version ...'

Run: boot2docker stop && boot2docker download && boot2docker up