Formatting scala source file in Sublime Text 2
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Sublime Scalariform plugin

This is a plugin for the Sublime Text 2 text editor that allows you to format scala source code using Scalariform command line tool.


  • Ensure java command available on your computer

  • Relaxedness to wait for the seconds until code formatting completed


The easiest way to install is via the Sublime Package Control plugin. Just open "Package Control: Install Package" in your Command Palette and search for "Sublime-Scalariform" (or, if you already have it installed, select "Package Control: Upgrade Package" to upgrade).

To install it manually in a shell/Terminal (on OS X, Linux or Cygwin), via git:

cd ~/"Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/" # location on OS X; will be different on Linux & Windows
git clone

The plugin should be picked up automatically. If not, restart Sublime Text.


Just type the short cut key below and wait for seconds.

ctrl + alt + l     //Linux and Windows
command + alt + l //OSX

Then, you can see the formatted code.

You can also access this functionality via main menu and context menu.

Tools > Scalariform > format  // main menu
Scalariform > format           // context menu

Settings & Key Bindings

You can customize the formatting behavior via Preferences > Package Settings > Scalariform > Settings - Default (or Settings - User).

  "formatting" :
      "encoding" : "UTF-8"
      "alignParameters" : false
      "alignSingleLineCaseStatements" : false
      "alignSingleLineCaseStatements.maxArrowIndent" : 40
      "compactControlReadability" : false
      "compactStringConcatenation" : false
      "doubleIndentClassDeclaration" : false
      "formatXml" : true
      "indentLocalDefs" : false
      "indentPackageBlocks" : true
      "indentSpaces" : 2
      "indentWithTabs" : false
      "multilineScaladocCommentsStartOnFirstLine" : false
      "preserveDanglingCloseParenthesis" : false
      "placeScaladocAsterisksBeneathSecondAsterisk" : false
      "preserveSpaceBeforeArguments" : false
      "rewriteArrowSymbols" : false
      "spaceBeforeColon" : false
      "spaceInsideBrackets" : false
      "spaceInsideParentheses" : false
      "spacesWithinPatternBinders" : true

These settings are compatible to those command line options.

You can also customize the key bindings via Preferences > Package Settings > Scalariform > Key Bindings - Default (or Key Bindings - User).

Bugs and Feature Requests


MIT License