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Ikemen GO

Ikemen GO is an open source fighting game engine that supports resources from the M.U.G.E.N engine, written in Google’s programming language, Go. It is a complete rewrite of a prior engine known simply as Ikemen.


Ikemen GO aims for backwards-compatibility on par with M.U.G.E.N version 1.1 Beta, while simultaneously expanding on its features in a variety of ways.

Refer to our wiki to see a comprehensive list of new features that have been added in Ikemen GO.


Ready to use builds for Windows, macOS and Linux can be found in the releases section of this repository. You can find nightly builds here as well, which update on every commit.


Download the ZIP archive that matches your operating system and extract its contents to your preferred location.

On Windows, double-click Ikemen_GO.exe (Ikemen_GO_x86.exe on 32-bit OSes). On macOS or Linux, double-click Ikemen_GO.command.


These instructions are for those interested in developing the Ikemen GO engine itself. Instructions for creating custom stages, fonts, characters and other resources can be found in the community forum.


You can find instructions for building Ikemen GO on our wiki. Instructions are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


In order to run the compiled Ikemen GO executable, you will need to download the engine dependencies and unpack them into the Ikemen-GO source directory. After that, you can use Goland or Visual Studio Code to debug.

Cross-compiling binaries with Docker (Linux/Windows/MacOS)

The easiest way to compile binaries for other platforms is with Docker. You don't need the native development environment set to be able to build binaries if you decide to use Docker.
The image downloaded has all the required tools to compile Ikemen GO for all three major platforms.

Install Docker for your platform.
For macOS, you can install Docker using Homebrew (brew cask install docker).

Open a terminal, go to the Ikemen build directory folder and then run the script Look inside the script for details on how it works.


If you run into any issues with Ikemen Go, you can report it on our issue tracker. It is recommend to read this page before submitting a bug report.



"Ikemen" is an acronym of:

つまでも 成しない 遠に 完成 エンジン
Itsu made mo Kansei shinai Eien ni Mikansei ENgine


Ikemen GO's source code is available under the MIT License. Certain non-code assets are licensed under CC-BY 3.0.

See License.txt for more details.