Some Python modules, from general-purpose to very specific.
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Some Python modules.


Modules define their own licenses.

    PYTHON 3

    fsmanage (depends on PyGObject 3 <>)
A GTK file manager for an arbitrary filesystem backend.  This is deprecated in
favour of a rewritten version: <>.

Manage GameCube filesystems.

Create and maintain an RSS feed.

    PYTHON 2

    cmdparse (depends on miscutil)
A CLI command parser - stuff like 'program command [options] [arguments]'.
Inspired by Mercurial, it accepts any unambiguous abbreviation of known

Encode strings to an arbitrary character set, and get good compression for
strings only using a few characters (especially if you know what those
characters will be).

    htmlparse (depends on miscutil)
Parse (X)HTML (and apply CSS selections to the result).

    dispman (depends on Pygame <>)
Manage multiple displays on a single surface.

    tiler (depends on Pygame <>)
Draw and manage a tiled grid.

    fetch (depends on PycURL <>)
Easy URL fetching with cookies and parallel transfers and stuff.

A spatial hash implementation.

    gtkutil (depends on PyGTK <>)
General PyGTK stuff.

A few miscellaneous things.

    mwbot (depends on htmlparse, fetch, PycURL <>)
Read from and write to MediaWiki installations: fetch and process data; perform
edits, moves, deletions and the like.  This is^Wwas going through a bit of a
transformation and may not all work right at the moment.