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A general-purpose dataflow programming language based on Python, written in Python
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Pythonect is a new, experimental, general-purpose dataflow programming language based on Python. It provides both a visual programming language and a text-based scripting language. The text-based scripting language aims to combine the quick and intuitive feel of shell scripting, with the power of Python. The visual programming language is based on the idea of a diagram with “boxes and arrows”. Crazy? Most definitely. And yet, strangely enough, it works!

Hello, world

Here is the canonical "Hello, world" example program in Pythonect:

"Hello, world" -> print



There are a few ways to install Pythonect.

  1. You can install directly from PyPI using setuptools/easy_install or pip:

    pip install Pythonect


    easy_install Pythonect
  2. You can clone the git repository somewhere in your system:

    git clone git://

    Then you should do following steps:

    cd pythonect
    python install

    Alternatively, if you use pip, you can install directly from the git repository:

    pip install \
            git+git:// \

For any of the above methods, if you want to do a system-wide installation, you will have to do this with root permissions (e.g. using su or sudo).


See more examples at the Pythonect Tutorial.


Full documentation is available at

Please Help Out

This project is still under development. Feedback and suggestions are very welcome and I encourage you to use the Issues list on GitHub to provide that feedback.

Feel free to fork this repo and to commit your additions. For a list of all contributors, please see the AUTHORS file.

Any questions, tips, or general discussion can be posted to our Google group:


Pythonect is published under the liberal terms of the BSD 3-Clause License, see the LICENSE file. Although the BSD License does not require you to share any modifications you make to the source code, you are very much encouraged and invited to contribute back your modifications to the community, preferably in a GitHub fork, of course.

Showing Your Appreciation

The best way to show your appreciation for Pythonect remains contributing to the community. If you'd like to show your appreciation in another way, consider Flattr'ing or Gittip'ing me:

FlattrThis GittipThis

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