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Here we are going to deploy openstack on a single node, i.e all openstack components Nova, Glance, Keystone, Quantum and Horizon will be running in the same box. Nova-compute is also running on the same machine which will provision virtual machines on the KVM.


  • Ubuntu 12.04 running on Oracle VirtualBox with two NIC ‘s.

  • Setup a ubuntu virtual machine in virtualBox. (can follow Guide

  • Add a second NIC to the VM.

  • Power Off the Virtual Machine

  • In the Network Section select Adapter 2 tab

  • Select “Attached to:” to internal

  • Power On the VM

  • When the VM boots up configure to network for second NIC Edit /etc/network/interfaces to something like

  • Restart Network service service networking restart

  • You can verify your network setting using “ ifconfig ”

Deploying Openstack

  • Login to the ubuntu VM.

  • Change the user to root. sudo -i

  • If your network is behind proxy then please export proxy variables. export http_proxy= export https_proxy= export no_proxy=”localhost,″

  • Install git on the machine apt-get install git -y

  • Clone the CloudGear git to install Openstack git clone

  • Execute the script to set up openstack cd cloudgear/ python

  • Open Openstack Dashboard in browser from URL http:///horizon

  • Login with credentials admin/secret

Link to the detailed description of Deployment

You can refer to the step by step guide at Our Blog Please Post your Comments to the page or write to us at for any issues faced with the script.