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R and RStudio on a Secured CentOS 7 Environment for Testing in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Computer-based Testing Facility (CBTF)
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R and RStudio on a Secured CentOS 7 Environment

Show Startup Procedure

This repository provides a way to setup R and RStudio on a secured computing environment. In particular, the setup routine will:

  • Download and Install on CentOS 7
    • Development Tools
    • R
    • RStudio
    • Assortment of R Packages into a site-wide library
  • Embeds notice on session start regarding CRAN access.
  • Establishes and redirects CRAN install package requests to a local directory.
  • Disable RStudio Features requiring Internet Access
    • Disables posting to RPubs or Shiny Apps
    • Disables RStudio Check for Updates
    • Disables HTTPS Secure Download Warning
      • Note: Not relevant as CRAN cannot be accessed.
  • Sets up a help function in the global environment to open intranet documentation on environment when called.


To roll out the secure environment, the computer must initially be connected to the internet.

From there, we apply different configuration settings to suppress internet connections.

# Download latest version
wget -O

# Unzip and delete the zip
unzip; rm

# Change directory
cd master/

# Allow the file to execute
chmod +x ~/

# Run the file
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