Bash scripts to help managing MySQL instances with Oracle Clusterware
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MySQL with Oracle Clusterware scripts

Author: Ilmar Kerm

The collection of Bash scripts that help to manage multiple MySQL instances inside cluster managed by Oracle Clusterware 11gR2. Each MySQL instance running inside this cluster is configured with a dedicated IP address (Virtual IP resource in clusterware).

The scripts manage:

  • Initializing MySQL data directory and configuring resources in Oracle Clusterware.
  • Clusterware actionscript to manage instance startup, shutdown, cleanup and check.
  • All scripts are built with support of running multiple MySQL instances in the same cluster.
  • Each MySQL instance can run with different MySQL software version.
  • Automatic MySQL error/slow/general log rotation and archival.

Although these scripts are written with clusterware in mind, they can also be used without it - to help managing multiple MySQL instances (with different RDBMS versions) running in the same host.

Read the full documentation here