A non-blocking stream parser library for Common Lisp
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A non-blocking, stream-ba... ah fuck it, I'll do it later...

This is a non-blocking, stream-based parser library. The original use case was parsing incoming HTTP messages for a non-blocking server, but it might be a benefit anywhere you need to

  1. read data from untrusted sources (where you therefore can't assume the availability of the entire message)
  2. in some non-trivially parseable format
  3. and/or some part of the incoming message will determine how the rest of it should be treated

Trivial Example

CL-USER> (ql:quickload :cl-lazy-parse)
To load "cl-lazy-parse":
  Load 1 ASDF system:
; Loading "cl-lazy-parse"
[package cl-lazy-parse]...

CL-USER> (in-package :cl-lazy-parse)

CL-LAZY-PARSE> (run! "testing" "test")
(#\t #\e #\s #\t)

CL-LAZY-PARSE> (run! "testing" "nope")

CL-LAZY-PARSE> (run! "testing" (and>> (char>> #\t) (many>> (not-char>> #\t))))
(#\t (#\e #\s))


Exported Functions

and>> or>> many>> char>> not-char>>

with _fn failed?


  • Define run-many!, which should run the given parser as many times as possible, resetting the input buffer each time
    • Maybe multiples? I could see you wanting to do different things on a failed? result. For instance, you may want to skip to some character, close the stream, or try to run some alternate parser
      • To be fair, that last one is exactly what or>> is for
  • Make the invocation of run! on a string more efficient (it should just start with said string as the initial buffer contents; no stream stuff involved).
  • Document exported functions
  • Document some non-trivial use cases