A Simple HTTP Proxy like Python's SimpleHTTPServer module.
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This repository is NOT MAINTAINED anymore!

Use proxy2 instead.


A Simple HTTP Proxy like Python's SimpleHTTPServer module. Works on Python 2.7.


  • easy to use
  • easy to customize
  • runs fast with minimum footprint
  • requires no external modules
  • supports HTTP/1.1 persistent connections to some extent
  • supports CONNECT tunneling
  • supports gzip and deflate compression
  • supports IPv6 (for listening you need to edit the script)
  • supports sslstrip feature (by SSLStripProxy)
  • supports sslbump feature (by SSLBumpProxy)


$ python SimpleHTTPProxy.py 8080

or like SimpleHTTPServer:

$ python -m SimpleHTTPProxy

When the argument is not given, SimpleHTTPProxy uses tcp/8080.

SimpleHTTPProxy provides CONNECT tunneling, in which the data is transfered with no modification.


To customize, inherit SimpleHTTPProxyHandler class and override the handler methods.

Some examples are included:

  • SaveImagesProxy: store all 'image/*' files on 'SaveImagesProxy/' directory (by keeping their url hierarchy)
  • ChangeUAProxy: replace 'User-Agent' header of the client requests
  • HideRefererProxy: replace 'Referer' header of the client requests
  • RemoveIframeProxy: remove all <iframe> elements from 'text/html' contents
  • StripAmazonProxy: force redirect to 'http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/$ASIN' style url
  • CatHeadersProxy: print HTTP headers to stdout
  • SendSSTPProxy: send SSTP messages to localhost

You can use these proxies just as SimpleHTTPProxy:

$ python -m SaveImagesProxy

sslstripping by SSLStripProxy

SSLStripProxy inherits SimpleHTTPProxy and implements sslstrip-like feature.

  • work as HTTP proxy (not HTTPS)
  • replace https urls to http ones in the responses and remember them
  • forward client's HTTP requests to upstream servers as HTTPS requests

Also some examples are included:

  • SSLStripCatHeadersProxy: print HTTP/HTTPS headers to stdout
  • OffmousedownGoogleProxy: disable onmousedown URL rewriting in Google's Result Pages (HTTPS)

"HTTP Strict Transport Security" policies [RFC 6797] make the browsers always use HTTPS for their domains, so this proxy doesn't work for such cases.

sslbumpping by SSLBumpProxy

SSLBumpProxy inherits SimpleHTTPProxy and implements Squid's SslBump-like feature.

  • work as HTTPS proxy (also as HTTP proxy)
  • connect with the client with certificate generated by SSLBumpProxy
  • you need to install CA certificate by accessing 'http://proxy.test/' via the proxy, or browsers will raise a certificate warning

An example is included:

  • SSLBurpCatHeadersProxy: print HTTP/HTTPS headers to stdout

To enable dynamic certificate generation, OpenSSL is required. If you use a static certificate, edit SSLBumpProxy.py.