Qiita-specified markdown processor.
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Qiita-specified markdown processor.

  • Markdown conversion
  • Sanitization
  • Code and language detection
  • Task list
  • ToC
  • Emoji
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Mention
  • Footnotes

Basic Usage

Qiita::Markdown::Processor provides markdown rendering logic.

processor = Qiita::Markdown::Processor.new(hostname: "example.com")
# => {
#   codes: [
#     {
#       code: "1 + 1\n",
#       language: "ruby",
#       filename: "example.rb",
#     },
#   ],
#   mentioned_usernames: [
#     "alice",
#     "bob",
#   ],
#   output: "<h1>Example</h1>\n...",
# }


Qiita::Markdown is built on jch/html-pipeline. Add your favorite html-pipeline-compatible filters.

processor = Qiita::Markdown::Processor.new(hostname: "example.com")
processor.filters << HTML::Pipeline::ImageMaxWidthFilter


.new and #call can take optional context as a Hash with following keys:

:allowed_usernames   - A list of usernames allowed to be username. (Array<String>)
:asset_path          - URL path to link to emoji sprite. (String)
:asset_root          - Base URL to link to emoji sprite. (String)
:base_url            - Used to construct links to user profile pages for each. (String)
:default_language    - Default language used if no language detected from code. (String)
:emoji_names         - A list of allowed emoji names. (Array<String>)
:emoji_url_generator - #call'able object that accepts emoji name as argument and returns emoji image URL. (#call)
                       The original implementation is used when the generator returned a falsey value.
:hostname            - FQDN. Used to check whether or not each URL of `href` attributes is external site. (String)
:language_aliases    - Alias table for some language names. (Hash)
:markdown            - A hash for enabling / disabling optional Markdown syntax. (Hash)
                       Currently only :footnotes (default: true) is supported.
:rule                - Sanitization rule table. (Hash)
:script              - A flag to allow to embed script element. (Boolean)
processor = Qiita::Markdown::Processor.new(asset_root: "http://example.com/assets", hostname: "example.com")

Rendering Summary

There's another processor Qiita::Markdown::SummaryProcessor, which is for rendering a summary of markdown document. It simplifies a document by removing complex markups and also truncates it to a specific length without breaking the document structure.

Note that this processor does not produce the :codes output in contrast to the Processor.


SummaryProcessor accepts the following context in addition to the Processor's context:

  truncate: {
    length: 100,  # Documents will be truncated if it exceeds this character count. (Integer)
    omission: '' # A string added to the end of document when it's truncated. (String, nil)
processor = Qiita::Markdown::SummaryProcessor.new(truncate: { length: 80 }, hostname: "example.com")