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INDIGO is the next generation of INDI, based on layered architecture and software bus.

This is the list of requirements taken into the consideration:

  1. No GPL dependency to allow commercial use under application stores licenses.
  2. ANSI C for portability and to allow simple wrapping into .Net, Java, GOlang, Objective-C or Swift in future
  3. Layered architecture to allow direct linking of the drivers into applications and or to replace wire protocol.
  4. Atomic approach to device drivers. E.g. if camera has imaging and guiding chip, driver should expose two independent simple devices instead of one complex. It is much easier and transparent for client.
  5. Drivers should support hot-plug at least for USB devices. If device is connected/disconnected while driver is running, its properties should appear/disappear on the bus.
  6. FITS, XISF, JPEG and RAW format supported directly by the framework.

This is already done


  1. INDIGO Bus framework
  2. XML & JSON protocol adapter for client and server side
  3. indigo_server - server with loadable (indigo .so/.dylib and indi executables) drivers
  4. indigo_server_standalone - server with built-in drivers
  5. INDIGO Server for macOS wrapper (provided just as an example)
  6. Integrated HTTP server for BLOB download & server control (= web based INDI control panel)
  7. indigo_prop_tool - command line tool to list and set properties


  1. CCD (with wheel, guider, AO and focuser) simulator
  2. Mount simulator
  3. Atik CCD (Titan, 3xx/4xx/One with built in wheel, VS/Infinity, 11000/4000) driver
  4. Atik EFW2 filterwheel driver
  5. SX CCD driver
  6. SX wheel driver
  7. Shoestring FCUSB focuser driver
  8. SSAG/QHY5 CCD driver
  9. ASI wheel driver
  10. IIDC CCD driver
  11. ASI CCD driver
  12. NexStar mount driver (supports Celestron NexStar and Sky-Watcher mounts)
  13. LX200 mount driver (supports Meade mounts and EQMac)
  14. FLI filter wheel driver
  15. FLI CCD driver
  16. FLI focuser driver (testers needed)
  17. USB_Focus v3 driver
  18. SBIG CCD driver (with guider, guider CCD and external guider head)
  19. SBIG Filter wheel driver (part of CCD driver)
  20. ASCOM driver for INDIGO Camera
  21. ASCOM driver for INDIGO Filter Wheel
  22. QHY CCD driver (NOTE: Maybe unstable due to inherited instability in the QHY SDK)
  23. ZWO USB-ST4 port
  24. Meade DSI Camera driver
  25. Takahashi Temma mount driver
  26. ICA (ImageCapture API) driver for DSLRs (Mac only)
  27. GPS Simulator
  28. NMEA 0183 GPS driver
  29. Andor CCD driver (32/64-bit Intel Linux only)
  30. WeMacro Rail focuser driver (platform independent USB & Mac only bluetooth)
  31. EQMac guider driver (Mac only)
  32. Apogee CCD driver
  33. Moravian Intruments CCD and filter wheel driver
  34. HID Joystick AUX driver
  35. CGUSBST4 guider driver
  36. Brightstar Quantum filter wheel driver (untested)
  37. Trutek filter wheel driver (untested)
  38. Xagyl filter wheel driver (untested)
  39. Optec filter wheel driver (untested)
  40. Pegasus DMFC focuser driver
  41. RigelSys nSTEP focuser driver
  42. RigelSys nFOCUS focuser driver (untested)
  43. iOptron mount driver
  44. MoonLite focuser driver (untested)
  45. MJKZZ rail focuser driver (untested, platform independent USB & Mac only bluetooth)
  46. GPhoto2 CCD driver
  47. Optec focuser driver (untested)
  48. ToupTek CCD driver
  49. AltairAstro CCD driver
  50. RTS-on-COM aux (shutter) driver (untested)
  51. DSUSB aux (shutter) driver (untested)
  52. GPUSB guider driver (untested)
  53. LakesideAstro focuser (untested)
  54. SX AO driver
  55. SBIG AO driver (part of CCD driver)
  56. SynScan (EQMod) mount driver
  57. ASCOL driver
  58. ASI Focuser driver
  59. DeepSky Dad AF1 and AF2 focuser driver
  60. Baader Planetarium SteelDrive II focuser driver
  61. Unihedron SQM driver
  62. Artesky Flat Box USB driver
  63. NexDome dome driver (untested, based on G.Rozema's firmware)
  64. USB_Dewpoint V1 and V2 AUX driver
  65. Pegasus Astro FlatMaster driver
  66. AstroGadget FocusDreamPro / ASCOM Jolo focuser driver added
  67. Lacerta Flat Box Controller AUX driver
  68. UVC (USB Video Class) CCD driver
  69. NexDome v3 dome driver (untested, requires firmware v.3.0.0 or newer)
  70. Optec Flip-Flap driver
  71. GPS Service Daemon (GPSD) driver
  72. Lunatico Astronomy Limpet/Armadillo/Platypus Focuser/Rotator/Powerbox/GPIO Drivers
  73. Lunatico Astronomy Limpet/Armadillo/Platypus Rotator/Focuser/Powerbox/GPIO driver
  74. Lunatico Astronomy Dragonfly Dome / Relay Controller GPIO driver
  75. Rotator Simulator Driver
  76. Lunatico AAG CloudWacher driver
  77. Baader Planetarium Classic (Rotating) dome driver
  78. MGBox driver
  79. Manual wheel driver
  80. PMC8 mount controller driver
  81. RoboFocus focuser driver

This is under development

  1. ASCOM driver for INDIGO mount
  2. ASCOM driver for INDIGO focuser
  3. RainbowAstro Mount driver
  4. Lunatico Astronomy AAG CloudWatcher driver
  5. a-Box Adaptive optics driver

How to build INDIGO


Ubuntu / Debian / Raspbian

sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf autotools-dev libtool cmake libudev-dev libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libgphoto2-dev libz-dev git curl bsdmainutils

It is advised to remove libraw1394-dev

sudo apt-get remove libraw1394-dev


dnf install automake autoconf cmake libtool gcc gcc-c++ libusb-devel avahi-compat-libdns_sd-devel libudev-devel libgphoto2-devel git curl

It is advised to remove libraw1394-devel

dnf remove libraw1394-devel


Install XCode and download and build autoconf, automake and libtool (use tools/ script).

Get code and build it

git clone

cd indigo

make all

build/bin/indigo_server -v -s

and connect from any INDIGO/INDI client or web browser to localhost on port 7624...


INDIGO is a system of standards and frameworks for multiplatform and distributed astronomy software development designed to scale with your needs.





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