A desktop app for inspecting your React JS and React Native projects. macOS, Linux, and Windows.
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Upgrading from v1?

Make sure your reactotron-* dependencies match the version of the Reactotron app. For example reactotron-react-native@2 will only work with the 2.x version of the app.

Version 1.x is located here if you're looking for what's currently shipping!

reactotron-react-native@2 requires react-native >= 0.54. If you need, an older version, checkout the 1.x branch.

What is Reactotron?

A macOS, Windows, and Linux app for inspecting your React JS and React Native apps.

Use it to:

  • view your application state
  • show API requests & responses
  • perform quick performance benchmarks
  • subscribe to parts of your application state
  • display messages similar to console.log
  • track global errors with source-mapped stack traces including saga stack traces!
  • dispatch actions like a government-run mind control experiment
  • hot swap your app's state using Redux or mobx-state-tree
  • track your sagas
  • show image overlay in React Native
  • track your Async Storage in React Native

You plug it into your app as a dev dependency so it adds nothing to your product builds.


Reactotron on the left, demo React Native app on the right.




Reactotron is built and maintained by @skellock, @rmevans9, and 50+ glorious contributors!

This project would not be possible without the financial & moral support of the lovely & talented Infinite Red crew.

Premium Support

Reactotron, as an open source project, is free to use and always will be. Infinite Red offers premium React Native mobile app design/development services. Email us at hello@infinite.red to get in touch for more details.