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free, scalable, modern, and open-source course management system with auto testing of programming assignments


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InfoMark is an is a scalable, modern and open-source rewrite of our online course management system with auto testing of students submissions using unit tests to ease the task of TAs.

For documentation and more details see That page also includes a Quickstart Guide.



Run once

./infomark console configuration create > infomark-test-config.yml
./infomark console configuration create-compose infomark-config.yml > docker-compose.yml
# Test run against an actual database and redis.
sudo docker-compose up

# We mock some data to test against.
cd migration/mock
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
sudo apt install postgresql-client
PGPASSWORD=... psql -h 'localhost' -U 'database_user' -d 'infomark' -f mock.sql >/dev/null
cd ../../

Tests can run multiple-times as we rollback all changes to the database.

export INFOMARK_CONFIG_FILE=`realpath infomark-test-config.yml`
go test ./... -cover -v --goblin.timeout 15s -coverprofile coverage.out


You will either need to download the UI from the release page or build it yourself. The ui has to be copied to the static folder. (details)