A webcam wrapper plugin for jQuery
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jQuery Webcam Plugin


A small wrapper library to be able to communicate with a Flash webcam via JavaScript.


Please note: The camera doesn't work if you have any dom-errors on your page!

The Flash object will be embedded into the following Div:

<div id="webcam"></div>

    width: 320,
    height: 240,
    mode: "callback",
    swffile: "/jscam_canvas_only.swf", // canvas only doesn't implement a jpeg encoder, so the file is much smaller

    onTick: function(remain) {

        if (0 == remain) {
        } else {
            jQuery("#status").text(remain + " seconds remaining...");

    onSave: function(data) {

        var col = data.split(";");
    // Work with the picture. Picture-data is encoded as an array of arrays... Not really nice, though =/

    onCapture: function () {

      // Show a flash for example

    debug: function (type, string) {
        // Write debug information to console.log() or a div, ...

    onLoad: function () {
    // Page load
        var cams = webcam.getCameraList();
        for(var i in cams) {
            jQuery("#cams").append("<li>" + cams[i] + "</li>");

If you want to draw the picture onto a canvas, have a look at the source of the page on my blog, linked below.

Further examples and documentation

For further details and code examples take a look at the demonstration and documentation page on:



Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.