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Infusionsoft API Python Wrapper

Allows for quick setup and usage of the Infusionsoft XML-RPC API using Python's native XML-RPC support. Find more info at


clone and run: python install


pip install git+


First, make sure you import the Infusionsoft class:

from infusionsoft.library import Infusionsoft

Now set your Infusionsoft account name and API key:

infusionsoft = Infusionsoft(name, api_key)

You can make requests to Infusionsoft services by calling that service as a function and passing the service method as the first argument, with that method's required arguments as the second Python argument:

infusionsoft.service(method, args)

You can accomplish the same thing using the server library method to access the API:

infusionsoft.server().service.method(infusionsoft.key, args)

OAuth Usage

If you are using OAuth, you can instantiate the library using the InfusionsoftOAuth class. The only usage difference is that initialization only requires 1 argument (the OAuth access_token).

from infusionsoft.library import InfusionsoftOAuth

infusionsoft = InfusionsoftOAuth(access_token)

For more information on OAuth, see the Infusionsoft docs:


Example 1: Add a Contact

Using the primary service method:

contact = {'FirstName' : 'John', 'LastName' : 'Doe', 'Email' : ''}
print infusionsoft.ContactService('add', contact)

Using the server library method:

contact = {'FirstName' : 'John', 'LastName' : 'Doe', 'Email' : ''}
print infusionsoft.server().ContactService.add(infusionsoft.key, contact)

Example 2: Send an Email

contactList = [123, 456, 789]
fromAddress = ''
toAddress = '~Contact.Email~'
ccAddress = ''
bccAddress = ''
contentType = 'Text'
subject = 'This is just a test email, relax!'
htmlBody = ''
textBody = 'This is the contant for the email'
print infusionsoft.APIEmailService('sendEmail', contactList, fromAddress, toAddress, ccAddress, bccAddress, contentType, subject, htmlBody, textBody)

See for more examples