Applications library for Ingenia servo drives (Python binding)
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This is a Python binding for the ingenialink C library. The binding is built as a native Python extension thanks to cffi and then exposed through an object-oriented API.

Python versions >=3.5 are supported.

Ingenia Servodrives


The recommended way to install is by using pip, i.e:

pip install ingenialink

Windows binary wheels are provided for all supported Python versions. For Linux and macOS, pip will automatically compile and install the library provided you have the requirements listed here installed. On recent versions of Debian/Ubuntu this translates to:

sudo apt install python3-dev libffi-dev libudev-dev libxml2-dev build-essential cmake git

Development and examples

pipenv is used for package management. You can bring up a development environment like this:

pipenv install --dev

After that, you can enter the environment shell like this:

pipenv shell

and from there you can run any of the usage examples in the examples folder. Below you have a glimpse of the scope and monitor examples:

Scope example

Monitor example


For further details you can read the documentation where you will find simple usage examples, the API docs, etc.