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  1. solrs solrs Public

    An async, non-blocking solr client for java/scala, providing a query interface like SolrJ

    Scala 107 28

  2. sbt-pillar-plugin sbt-pillar-plugin Public

    sbt plugin for pillar - manage migrations for your Cassandra data stores

    Scala 15 15

  3. play-requests-limiter play-requests-limiter Public

    A Play! Framework 2 Filter that limits the concurrently processed requests and queues requests exceeding this limit

    Scala 11 1

  4. play-mybatis-sample play-mybatis-sample Public

    Source code for blog post "How to Integrate MyBatis With Play Framework 2.1 (and Guice)"

    Scala 9 5

  5. simplez simplez Public

    A simple typeclass library inspired by scalaz meant as a learning tool by reducing the initial complexity of scalaz.

    Scala 9 2

  6. reactive-kafka-scala reactive-kafka-scala Public

    Scala 4 1


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