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An async, non-blocking solr client for java/scala, providing a query interface like SolrJ
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solrs - async solr client for java/scala

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This is a java/scala solr client providing an interface like SolrJ, just asynchronously / non-blocking (built on top of async-http-client / netty).

Key Features

  • Async, non-blocking API to Solr on the JVM: supports CompletableFuture for Java, for Scala you can choose between Twitter's Future or the standard/SDK Future.
  • SolrCloud support
  • Optimized request routing (e.g. updates go to leaders, _route_ param is respected, replica.type is supported for shards.preference param)
  • Pluggable load balancing strategies, comes with a performance/statistics based load balancer
  • Support for retry policies in case of failures


The documentation is available at


This software is licensed under the Apache 2 license, see LICENSE.txt.

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