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Instana Node.js Monorepo

Changelog | Contributing | @instana/collector

Instana npm Packages

This repository hosts Instana's Node.js packages. If you are an Instana user, you are probably looking for the package @instana/collector to add Instana monitoring and tracing to your Node.js applications.

The following packages are meant for direct consumption by Instana users, all other packages in this repo are for internal use only:

Breaking Changes

The current major release is 2.x.y.

Checkout our breaking changes documentation to upgrade from v1 to v2.

Filing Issues

If something is not working as expected or you have a question, instead of opening an issue in this repository, please open a ticket at instead. Please refrain from filing issues or tickets if your audit tool (npm audit, Snyk, etc.) reported a CVE for a dependency or a transitive dependency of @instana/collector -- we run these audits with every build and take appropriate action automatically.


The documentation for Instana's Node.js support is available on Node.js page of the Instana documentation portal.

Here are a few more quick links: