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Instana Node.js Monorepo

Changelog | Contributing | @instana/collector

This repository hosts Instana's Node.js packages. If you are an Instana user, you are probably looking for the package @instana/collector (formerly known as instana-nodejs-sensor) to add Instana monitoring and tracing to your Node.js applications.

Change of Package Name

To pave the way for new, exciting times to come, we have changed the name of the package in a more modular fashion: up to release 1.64.0, our npm package was called instana-nodejs-sensor. Beginning with version 1.65.0, the name has changed to @instana/collector. To prevent breaking changes, we are keeping instana-nodejs-sensor as an alias for @instana/collector, so you can continue updating your Node.js applications using the latest Instana Node.js integration without further changes. In the future, we might make some functionality that needs the newly-introduced modularity available only under the new @instana/collector package name. Such new functionality will not affect existing use cases for the Instana Node.js sensor. Please refer to our migration guide for details.

Direct Links to the @instana/collector Documentation

The documentation available in the file for the package formerly known as instana-nodejs-sensor that was located in the root folder of this repository up until release 1.64.0 has been migrated to the Node.js page of the Instana documentation portal. The following sections mostly serve as redirects for people having arrived here following outdated links.

Installation and Usage

See installation page.

CPU Profiling, Garbage Collection and Event Loop Information

See native addons section.


See API page.


See OpenTracing section.

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