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Rich MinigamesAPI supporting different types of Minigames
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MinigamesAPI Build Status

Quick note: I'm not interested in working on Minecraft related projects anymore, thus no updates on this project on my part, but there are many good forks and other libraries to check out. There seems to be an active fork by MysticCity for example.

Rich MinigamesAPI supporting different types of Minigames.

Development Files can be found at, use the release in the mid.


  • Arenasystem
  • Customizable messages
  • Different minigame types
  • VIP Arenas
  • Economy, command and item rewards
  • Overall Customization/Attributes like player counts, countdowns, spawns, boundaries etc.
  • Signs and corresponding Arena states
  • Fast map regeneration mechanism
  • Kits/Classes and Classes Gui
  • Arcade system
  • MySQL/SQLite support
  • Guns API (unfinished and only in use in Warlock Tactical right now)
  • Bungee support including signs
  • Party (/party)
  • Achievements
  • Additional shops with Gui
  • Included effects like blood or dead bodies lying around
  • More stuff

Oh and of course a bunch of premade Minigames and examples.

See the wiki or the JavaDocs for more information on API usage.


  <name>MinigamesAPI Repository</name>


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