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Groovy SSH CircleCI Gradle Status

Groovy SSH is an automation tool based on DSL providing the remote command execution and file transfer.


This is an open source software licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0. Feel free to open issues or pull requests.

Unit test

We can run the unit test as follows:

./gradlew :core:check

Server integration test

We can run the server integration test using Apache MINA SSHD server as follows:

./gradlew :server-integration-test:check

CLI test

We can run the integration test of CLI as follows:

./gradlew :cli:check

OS integration test

We can run the OS integration tests using int128/sshd image as follows:

# Run a sshd container

# Run the tests
./gradlew :os-integration-test:check

Gradle SSH Plugin integration test

We can run the test with Gradle SSH Plugin. See plugin-integration/ for details.

If you are planning to release with specification change breaking backward compatibility, create groovy-ssh-acceptance-test branch on Gradle SSH Plugin to pass the acceptance test.


Push a versioned tag to GitHub and CI will upload the artifact to Bintray.

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