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Sublime Text 2 plugin integrating simplecov analysis and highlighting for Ruby
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Add less obtrusive coverage marks and Python 3 support


A plugin for Sublime Text 2 that can highlight lines of Ruby lacking test coverage.


You will need to setup simplecov-sublime-ruby-coverage in your project.

Set up Sublime Package Control if you don't have it yet.

Go to Tools > Command Palette. Type Package Control: Install Package and hit enter. Type Ruby Coverage and hit enter.


To set color of the marks, add the following to your color scheme settings array:


Ignoring Files

Add a .covignore file to your project root in order to add custom ignores.

Highlighting lines missing coverage

When you open a .rb file, SublimeRubyCoverage tries to find coverage information and highlight all uncovered lines with an outline.

It does this by looking in all parent directories until it finds a coverage/sublime-ruby-coverage directory as produced by simplecov-sublime-ruby-coverage. The coverage file is expected to have as many lines as the source file, with each line containing a 1 if the line is covered or a 0 if it is not.

You can force a reload of the coverage information and redraw of the outlines by running the show_ruby_coverage command, bound to super+shift+c by default.

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