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This package contains the Enclosure LED Utilities, version 0.96

Copyright (C) 2009-2022 Intel Corporation.

All files in this package can be freely distributed and used according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. See for details.

1. Dependencies

Following packages are required to compile:

RHEL SLES Debian/Ubuntu
RHEL8: pkgconf, RHEL7: pkgconfig pkg-config pkg-config
automake automake automake
autoconf autoconf autoconf
gcc gcc gcc
make make make
sg3_utils-devel libsgutils-devel libsgutils2-dev
systemd-devel libudev-devel libudev-dev
pciutils-devel pciutils-devel libpci-dev

2. Configure package

Run to generate compiling configurations:

Run ./configure with:
--enable-systemd to configure with systemd service.

3. Compiling the package

Run make command to compile the package.

4. (Un)installing the package

Run following commands to install package:
make install

Run following commands to uninstall package:
make uninstall

5. Release notes

a. Enclosure LED Utilities is meant as a part of RHEL, SLES and Debian/Ubuntu linux distributions.

b. For backplane enclosures attached to ISCI controller support is limited to Intel(R) Intelligent Backplane.