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oneAPI Video Processing Library

Intel® oneAPI Video Processing Library (oneVPL) supports AI visual inference, media delivery, cloud gaming, and virtual desktop infrastructure use cases by providing access to hardware accelerated video decode, encode, and frame processing capabilities on Intel® GPUs.

See the oneVPL Specification for additional information. This is part of the oneAPI specification.

This repository contains the following components:

  • Copies of the oneVPL Specification API header files. The version of the oneVPL API is listed in the mfxdefs.h file.
  • oneVPL Dispatcher
  • Examples demonstrating API usage
  • oneVPL command line tools

To use oneVPL for video processing you need to install at least one implementation. Here is a list:

oneVPL Architecture

graph TD;
    VPL[oneVPL Dispatcher]-->oneVPL-intel-gpu;
    VPL[oneVPL Dispatcher]-->MediaSDK;

As shown in this diagram, the oneVPL Dispatcher forwards function calls from the application to use the selected runtime.

oneVPL Dispatcher behavior when targeting Intel® GPUs

Runtime loaded by oneVPL Dispatcher and their Microsoft* DirectX* support:

GPU Media SDK oneVPL Microsoft* DirectX* Support
Earlier platforms, back to BDW (Broadwell) ✔️ DX9/DX11
ICL (Ice Lake) ✔️ DX9/DX11
JSL (Jasper Lake) ✔️ DX9/DX11
EHL (Elkhart Lake) ✔️ DX9/DX11
SG1 ✔️ DX9/DX11
TGL (Tiger Lake) ✔️ ✔️ DX9/DX11*
DG1 (Intel® Iris® Xe MAX graphics) ✔️ ✔️ DX11*
RKL (Rocket Lake) ✔️ DX11
ADL-S (Alder Lake S) ✔️ DX11
ADL-P (Alder Lake P) ✔️ DX11
DG2 (Intel® Arc™ A-Series Graphics) ✔️ DX11
ATSM (Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series) ✔️ DX11
Future platforms... ✔️ DX11

For TGL and DG1, if both oneVPL and Intel® Media SDK runtime are installed then the oneVPL Dispatcher will prefer oneVPL runtime unless the application requests D3D9 by setting the oneVPL Dispatcher filter property "mfxImplDescription.AccelerationMode" to MFX_ACCEL_MODE_VIA_D3D9.

Installation and Usage

Installation options

oneVPL may be installed:

How to Contribute

See for more information.


This project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.


See the Intel® Security Center for information on how to report a potential security issue or vulnerability.