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Intel System Stacks Usecases

Code style: black Build Status

Intel System stacks allow developers to quickly get up and running with images tailored, optimized, and tested together for specific use cases. This repository offers example use cases to explore the possibilities, an example architecture used for github issue classifiction is as below, please see the project directory for more details.


Security Issues

Security issues can be reported to Intel's security incident response team via

Coding Style

We love pep8 (except for the line length of 79, we deem a length of 90 is good), and use black to ensure that coding style is consitent, please run black if you are making any change to python files.

Mailing List

See our public mailing list page for details on how to contact us. You should only subscribe to the Stacks mailing lists using an email address that you don't mind being public.