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Python Wrapper for intellexer API

This is a Python wrapper/client for the Intellexer API

Getting started

Getting started with Intellexer API is simple, all you need to do is to create an account and grab your free API key from user dashboard or invitation email.

List of available text processors

  • Clusterizer - Enables to organize, normalize, link, and process documents.
  • Comparator - Evaluates degree of similarity between documents.
  • Language Recognizer - Identifies the language and character encoding of input documents.
  • Linguistic Processor - Parses input text and extracts multiple kinds of relations.
  • Named Entity Recognizer - Identifies and classifies elements in text into predefined categories such as personal names, names of organizations, position/occupation, nationality, geographical location, date, age, duration and names of events
  • Natural Language Interface - Transforms Natural Language Queries into Boolean queries, expanding them with synonyms and possible ways of combining and paraphrases.
  • Preformator - Extracts plain text and information about the text layout from documents of different formats and identify the structure and topic of input documents.
  • Sentiment Analyzer - Extracts sentiments (positivity/negativity), opinion objects (e.g., product features with associated sentiment phrases) and emotions (liking, anger, disgust, etc.) from unstructured text data.
  • SpellChecker - Finds and corrects spelling mistakes.
  • Summarizer - Creates a short summary retaining the most important parts of the original document.


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