curl like CLI for ILP paid requests
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ILP Curl

curl-like CLI for ILP paid requests


# install the package globally to add binaries
$ npm install -g ilp-curl

# Configure an ILP account. Currently, the easiest way to do this is with the
# XRP testnet, but other networks and currencies are supported.  Go to
# to get testnet credentials
$ export ILP_PLUGIN='ilp-plugin-xrp-escrow'
$ export ILP_CREDENTIALS='{"server":"wss://","secret":"..."}'

# make a paid POST request with JSON parameters
$ ilp-curl -X POST --json -F to='+15551234567' -F text='hello'

# make a paid POST request with JSON parameters and a max amount of 1000 XRP drops
$ ilp-curl -X POST --json -F to='+15551234567' -F text='hello' --amount 1000

# make a paid GET request
$ ilp-curl

# make a paid and authenticated request
$ ilp-curl --user admin:password

# upload a file with unhash
$ ilp-curl localhost:3000/upload --data @image.png
# --> { digest: '3b4f5076101d7a3890056bdda09b1b7d37f24725ba11344fb46a7f2dffe74a55' }

More Options

ilp-curl <url> [options]

  --help            Show help                                          [boolean]
  --version         Show version number                                [boolean]
  --data, -d        body data
  --data-raw        body data that does not load file with @
  --json, -j        send data as json
  --header, -H      header with data                       [array] [default: []]
  --form, -F        form data                              [array] [default: []]
  --max-redirs      max number of redirects                [number] [default: 0]
  --request, -X     http method to use                          [default: "GET"]
  --url             url to fetch
  --user, -u        <user:password> for basic auth
  --max-amount, -a  maximum amount                               [default: 1000]