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One webpage for every book ever published!
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update travis config to use new container-based infrastructure
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conf FIX: create new users fail in the dev instance (recaptcha empy keys m…
couchapps Changed loans view to allow finding loans/day of each library
docs Merged pull request to correct typos in doc files
openlibrary Revert "FIX: problem with dump link (after IA search moved to elastic…
provisioning tweaks to bootstrap script.
scripts FIXED: problem restarting OL after a vagrant halt
static updated robots.txt disallowing /edit /search
vendor sync infogami
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.travis.yml tidy up commented out legacy commands
Makefile missed one PYTHON replacement ADD: some extra info to update some info to the
Vagrantfile mount OL code at /openlibray on vm.
config Make the support structure a little more robust
infogami Reorganized the repo to move all python code into openlibrary module.
requirements.txt importlib is not required for Python 2.7 Removed obsolete code. fix typo in documentation
test_requirements.txt Added mockcache and sixpack_client to test_requirements.txt

Open Library

One web page for every book ever published.

This repository contains the code that powers

Build Status

Code Organization

  • openlibrary/core - core openlibrary functionality, imported and used by www
  • openlibrary/views - views for rendering web pages
  • openlibrary/templates - all the templates used in the website
  • openlibrary/macros - macros are like templates, but can be called from wikitext
  • openlibrary/plugins - legacy code. will be moved to core and www soon.

Setting up a development instance

See the

You can find more info digging into this old (and in part outdated) document here:


All source code published here is available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3. Please see for more information.

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